EQ to transform your life for joy and success.

Natalie’s passion is to inspire people to transform their work and personal lives - by applying Emotional Intelligence to create a life of joy and success.


From Investment Banking to Entrepreneur

Natalie’s career has taken her from a career as an Executive Director at investment bank Goldman Sachs to life as an entrepreneur - as a Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Executive Coach of Natalie Evie Consulting, and as founder of skincare brand Evie Beauté. She has been coaching since 2000 and speaking since 2007, and has since touched the lives of over 30,000 people at global organisations and top universities.


Connecting with a Global Audience

As a Storyteller, Natalie's gift is her innate ability to connect with her audience, engage and energise the audience on Emotional Intelligence applied to topics ranging from Parenting to Entrepreneurship, Networking to Personal Branding, Career and Interview Skills to Change Management and Innovation. Her speaking and coaching work have brought her to meet audiences around the world, ranging from C-suite leaders to executives, and fresh graduates to university, high school and primary school students.

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From Canada to Asia

Natalie grew up in Vancouver, Canada and studied in Japan and Korea before graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business from the University of British Columbia. She speaks 5 languages - her native English, Cantonese-Chinese, Mandarin-Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Natalie currently lives in Hong Kong where she also keeps busy with her most important role - mother to her two young kids.


Emotional Intelligence & Communications

  • First Asia approved trainer of renowned psychologist and research scientist Dr. Paul Ekman's Emotional Intelligence, Micro Expressions and Lie Detection training programs.

  • Certified by the Emotional Intelligence Academy in Behavioural Analysis & Investigative Interviewing

  • Certified in Persuasion by Dr. BJ Fogg, world’s leading authority on Behavior Design and Founder & Director of the Stanford University Behavior Design Lab

Awards, Advisory & Associations

  • Recipient of the Peking University Guanghua School of Management's Extraordinary Contribution Award

  • Advisor to the Career Development Committee (CDC) of Lingnan University

  • LinkedIn's Career Coach representative, Hong Kong (2012-2015)

  • Founding member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Hong Kong, Member of the ICF (2010-2019)

  • Member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) (2009-2019)