Job Hunt Magic: Insider Secrets to Winning Resumes and Interviews




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How can you write a Resume that gets you the Interview?

How can you be prepared for any Interview question?

How can you read the Interviewer’s mind and heart to know what s/he is thinking and feeling?

At the age of 12, Natalie had her first job interview. From that nerve-wracking experience, Natalie vowed to find a way to ace her Interviews, spending a life time refining her methods. She has conducted many interviews over her 10 years at Goldman Sachs, and as a professional Speaker, Trainer and Coach. 

Over 10,000 people have learned Natalie’s Insider Secrets to Interviewing - a systematic, strategic way to apply Emotional Intelligence to the Job Hunt, Resume Writing and Interview process. She has written this book to share her methods to help more people get the job of their dreams. 

Read sample chapters of Job Hunt Magic: Insider Secrets to Winning Resumes and Interviews (求職法術:面試達人之祕技) here: 

中華 Chung Hwa Book

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中華 Chung Hwa Book

Online, China & International orders: The book is estimated to be available online for HK, China and International purchase in the beginning of March, please check back for more details. 

Publishers: This book was written in English and translated to Traditional Chinese for publication in Hong Kong. If you are interested in publishing in other languages please contact me.